Reality Duality

Left and Right
Up and Down
White and Black

While going for a run or walk have you ever noticed that you often think about your pathing home. While running or jogging your eyes go left and right as you bounce off the ground, step by step. slightly to the left and slightly to the right. One of the thoughts in the back of your mind is, "How do I get back home", or "Where is home". I call this kind of thinking "the burrowing creature". See we are not the same creatures that we once were. We used to be monkeys in a troop, territorial and always in a group. We didn't really have homes or burrows. Now we have changed. Now we have homes and properties. So we are always thinking about the safety of home that it provides.

So how do we find freedom? one theory that I have cooked up is the thinking of the root chakra and balance. How grounding yourself in the present moment will clear your thinking. The main thing that I suggest is to consider your burrow, your home. free your fear by remembering where you are and how your going to get to safety if need be. 

Like I was saying though, the eyes are always moving left and right, which direction will you take home?

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