Hell hath no Fury

Concerning Hell, there are two main points that I would like to make. First of all, hell is a miss interpretation of a real location that existed near Jerusalem, it was a trash dump where they kept the fires burning. Second, our understanding of what hell is like, comes from Norse mythology.

I will start with the second point first. Hel is both a woman—like the devil—that tortures her victims. This idea of what we think the devil does in the after life is taken directly from the concept of Hel, the woman. In the poetic Edda, Prose Edda, and Heimskringla, Hel is referred to as the daughter of Loki. She was also appointed ruler over the underworld by Odin in Prose Edda book Gylfaginning.

Hel is also a location, like hades, in Norse mythology where the dead go after life. It is the underworld in Norse Mythology.

Now back to my first point, Hell is also a translation of the "Valley of Hinnom" (Gehenna). This was a trash dump located outside of Jerusalem. Here they kept the fires burning for dead carcasses and trash. It was literally a trash dump.

Additional point. Hell is a misunderstanding that should be erased from the imagination of children. Fear is a mind killer, so please feel free to educate those who lack understanding on this urban myth. 

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